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Tzafona Cellars

A shared cultural heritage and love of fine wine led to the partnership between Toby Berkel and Avi Gislason, and the rebirth of Ontario’s kosher wine industry.

Brand Overview

The Niagara Peninsula is a world renowned wine appellation known for producing complex food friendly wines, with strong acid and fruit flavours and aromas.

After seeing great kosher wine coming out of France, California, and Israel, Avi and Toby decided to begin the journey of producing a kosher expression of the Niagara region’s fine wines. Their goal was to offer kosher wines of the same high quality the world is used to seeing from Niagara’s top wineries.

Kosher Wine?
Most of us think of Kosher wine as being the traditional sweet syrupy concord wine. This is not the case with Tzafona Cellars. Together with the winemakers at Diamond Estates, Avi and Toby use the same techniques and procedures that have made Diamond one of Ontario’s top wineries. The results speak for themselves; a fantastic product, comparable to the fine wines of the world, both kosher and non-kosher.

All of Tzafona Cellars wines are produce under the supervision of the COR, and Mehadrin Toronto - Rav Shalom Hirsch Adler.  

From Our Wine Makers

  • "Together with Avi Gislason and Toby Berkel, we are excited to be one of the first wineries to produce VQA Kosher wines from the Niagara Peninsula. The line of VQA Riesling table wines, VQA Cabernet Sauvignon table wines and VQA Vidal Icewines are an expression of the terroir of the Niagara Peninsula. These wines have been produced under the supervision of the COR, and Mehadrin Toronto - Rav Shalom Hirsch Adler and are Kosher for Passover Certified and Non-Mevushal. We are excited to work together with Tzafona Cellars!"
    -Thomas Green, Vice President of Winemaking & Winery Operations


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