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Our Winemakers


Jessica Wallace
Assistant Winemaker

Jessica grew up in the Niagara Region and graduated with a Chemistry degree from Wilfred Laurier University in 2006.

Following graduation, Niagara drew Jessica back when she enrolled in the CCOVI certificate program at Brock University. She also loved the area and thought it had a lot to offer in terms of making good wine. While studying at Brock – Jessica worked at EastDell Estates in Beamsville under the direction of Scott McGregor.

Upon graduation, Jessica became the resident Oenologist at Diamond Estates and in 2015, joined Scott and Tom as the Assistant Winemaker!

Favourite wine: FRESH Moscato

Scott McGregor

Scott went to Niagara College for marketing before making the jump over to the wine industry. He studied oenology and in 1996 accepted a job at Hillebrand Estate Winery in Grower Relations and Viticulture. Scott next moved to the position of lab technician ensuring quality control of the wines.

From 2000-2003 Scott worked at Andrew Peller Ltd. Wines in Wynona as a Lab Technician and Assistant Winemaker.

In 2003 he took the role as Winemaker for EastDell Estates. In 2005 EastDell merged with Diamond Estates and so began the team of Diamond Estates winemakers.

Favourite wine: EastDell Estates Black Cab

Thomas Green
VP, Winemaking & Winery Operations

Born in South Africa, Tom moved to Canada at the age of 14. During his time studying chemistry at Western University, Tom's parents bought a 50 acre vineyard in Beamsville, Ontario, where he'd work weekends.

Upon graduation from Western, Tom enrolled in the Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture program at Brock University. His placement during the CCOVI program was at Lakeview Cellars Estate Winery as an apprentice to winemaking under Eddy Gurinskas.

Following his graduation he remained with Lakeview Cellars, working with Eddy for 3 more years before Eddy’s retirement. He then took over head winemaking duties for Lakeview Cellars in January, 2003.

Favourite Wine: Dan Aykroyd Cabernet Shiraz