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With a focus on creative, high-quality wines, FRESH is the perfect brand for intrepid wine drinkers who dare to try something a little different.

Brand Overview

FRESH is all about the discovery and celebration of who you are, where you are going and what you want to be. FRESH is a gentle reminder that life is about the journey – not the destination and each of us is capable of charting our own course – of making a difference – or simply just creating the moment we’re in. 

While we’d never be as pretentious as to try to make you think we’re the reason for all that’s new, we’d like you to think of us as a catalyst, a participant or perhaps an accessory to your pursuit and enjoyment of whatever “new or different” appeals to you and your community or the one you create.

Crafted from 100% Ontario grapes, grown and cared for by hard-working Ontario farmers and their families, FRESH is available in a variety of popular varieties, respectfully priced and readily available to join you on your personal journey of possibilities.

Add something FRESH to your world. We’ll both be happy that you did.

Products available in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Contact respective liquor boards for a full list of the products they carry.

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FRESH wines are available in wines stores in Ontario.

Fresh Wines, Niagara

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