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There's a natural temptation to share.  But you’ll get over it.

Brand Overview

As elegant and stylish as the majestic blue heron in flight, EastDell wines are crafted to add some tasteful sophistication to your everyday occasions.

Easy drinking and made from select, locally grown grapes, EastDell wines are versatile and can be enjoyed on their own or with a wide range of foods.

From Our Winemakers

  • EastDell wines have become somewhat of a household name since the early 2000’s - especially our signature blend, Black Cab (Cabernet & Baco Noir). It’s such a food friendly, easy drinking red blend and one of those wines you have to bring to a friend’s house to share.
    - Scott McGregor, Winemaker


EastDell Wines are available in wine stores in Ontario only.

EastDell Wines, Diamond Estates, Niagara

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