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Tony Aspler Sips some of our EastDell Estates & 20 Bees wines

Posted Jul 7th, 2014 in In The News

Tony Aspler Sips some of our EastDell Estates & 20 Bees wines

Tony Aspler has been writing about wine for 30 years. His site offers reliable information about wines and how to enjoy them. Recently Tony took some time to review a selection of EastDell Estates and 20 Bees wines.

Tony's wine blog is a deep, deep well of information about wines. He's been doing this a long time and that's why we feel grateful that he was able to taste these wines from our EastDell Estates and 20 Bees brands.

EastDell Soaring White Riesling Moscato 2013 | Purchase Online

Almost water white; aromatic, pear nose with a spicy note; mouth-filling, orange and white flower blossoms, off-dry and tasty but a touch brittle on the finish. (87)

EastDell Black Cab Cabernet Baco Noir 2013 

Deep ruby colour; smoky, plummy nose with a soapy perfume; dry, medium-bodied, blackberry and plum flavours with a rose petal note. (86+)

20 Bees Pinot Grigio 2013 | Purchase Online

Water white in colour; citrus and peach pit nose; dry, earthy, peach skin flavour; short and hard on the finish. (86)

20 Bees Unoaked Chardonnay 2013 | Purchase Online

Very pale lime colour; discreet apple core nose; more expressive on the palate with apple and pear flavours, a touch of residual sugar here. (86+)

Visit Tony's Asplers online wine blog here.